Fryer Puck®

Fryer Boil-Out Deep Fryer Cleaner Tablets

FRYER PUCK® concentrated cleaner tablets are a heavy duty detergent formulated to meet the toughest cleaning jobs. They have excellent cleaning capacity and high soil, fat and grease tolerance. Fryer Puck tablets increase food quality and taste. Specifically Formulated to Clean: French fryers, gas fryers, counter top fryers, donut fryers, tortilla chip fryers, deep fryers, pressure cookers and electric fryers.

• Low Foaming
• Reduce Energy Costs
• Extend Shortening Life
• Enhance Food Quality and Taste

HMIS Ratings: H-2, F-0, R-3, P-B. 

Available in 4 oz. tablets.

40130-4 Fryer Puck - 30 Tablets (6 boxes of 5 ea.)
40130-4DC Fryer Puck – 30 Tablets in Counter Display Case (6 boxes of 5 ea.)
40140-4 Fryer Puck – 40 Tablets in Counter Dispenser
40180-4 Fryer Puck - 2/40 Tablets in Counter Dispenser

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